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The Bird's Nest - A Boutique Style Online Store

Online Request: We offer Eudora families and school staff the opportunity to complete an online clothing, accessory, personal hygiene item or school supplies; request for their Eudora student(s). The Bird's Nest staff will select the requested item(s) and will arrange a designated pick up at the West Resource Center. Items are limited and not guaranteed. Please complete the online request below. If you have more than one student, please submit an individual request per student. 

We value and will uphold confidentiality and strive to provide dignity to all students. If you have any questions, please contact us

The Bird's Nest Request

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2021 School Supply Request

We will use the Eudora Schools' published supply list when fulfilling this request. We are limited on school supplies, but will do our best to fulfill requests. 

For 2021-22 School Supplies we will contact you the week of August 8th to pick up your supplies. 

Thank you for your request. We will contact you to arrange a designated pick up time at the West Resource Center. Please note: Items are limited, we will do our best to fulfill any request that you may have. 

Most of all thank you for your continued care and concern for your student(s).

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